Who is kendu isaacs dating online dating and meeting in public

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Who is kendu isaacs dating

People always say “Why do you care so much about Yandy”? Lying to keep the drama has always been a problem for me.

Well, because THIS drama has been brought about from her. The biggest problem I have is her co-conspiring with the father saying I wasn’t in my son’s life for eight years. Yes, I am fortunate to have my son’s father be there in his life.

It’s even worse when you find out people who befriended you were only trying to help Yandy stop the truth from coming out. A post shared by Samantha Wallace (@callhersam) on “We’re bringing it back to the 718s and 212s for the season eight premiere of Love & Hip Hop so get reacquainted with some familiar faces and make some room in your heart to get to know the newbies. From the land of the returning, Remy Ma is at the top of her game after snagging Best Female Artist at the 2017 BET Awards. After suffering a miscarriage last season, Remy and Pap are looking to give IVF a shot.

She and hubby Papoose are stronger than ever and with her position in the game already solidified, Remy has a new mission Queen Latifah had us all familiar with: U. Yandy-Smith Harris is continuing to hold things down while her husband Mendeecees is still serving time.

Anywho, those cats are officially things of the past as it pertains to Angie’s love life and just like Chante Moore sang in, “Chante’s Got A Man,” Angie can probably do a remixed version of her own now. However, it wasn’t until rumors began to surface that a few Old ?

“I need to be back home, I need to be around my friends, my family, and people that have really known me. Settle for nothing stand for something level up on everything.

She later admitted she regretted that decision though. READ MORE For years, rumors have circulated about Khloe Kardashian’s paternity and quite frankly, for years we, here at ILove Old School Music, couldn’t care less about it.Like the youngins say nowadays, it must be “cuffin’ season” for singer, Angie Stone, because word on the Old School curb is that she’s found herself a “new love” like Jody Watley. He was the neighbor crush of “Nikki Parker” (played by Mo’Nique) on the 90’s hit show.We all know that Angie (55) has always had a thing for men in the entertainment world. In the 90’s, she was in a serious relationship with singer, D’Angelo, who is also the father of her son, D’Angelo. Although most of us haven’t seen Dorien Wilson since is (L to R) The cast of ‘The Parkers’ television show Dorien Wilson, Countess Vaughan James, Mo’Nique, Yvette Wilson, Jenna Von Oy and Ken L.Now, as a strong pro-women advocate, I would have never lied like that on her or any women for NO man. But facts, I have ALWAYS paid my OWN bills and put myself through school while I took care of my son. If you know anything about being a parent, juggling classes and working then you know how hard it is. It’s sad when people attack you over false truths and think you’re supposed to take the highroad. In a male-dominated industry, Remy is determined to prove that anything men can do, women can do better.So I’m not about to let anyone tell me what I haven’t done, when everything I do and have done is for my son. It’s fckd up when people befriend you just to get a name on a blog. The couple is hoping that amidst their busy schedules, they can still focus on their family.

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But Mary had her suspicions.” Blige, 46, often brought Starshell to red carpets, events and TV appearances to build the burgeoning artist’s profile. He wants her to do well.” Starshell could not be reached.

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