Soulmates international dating

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Soulmates international dating

Are you sick to the back teeth of searching for Mr Right, and forever ending up with Mr Wrong?

In other words, we keep banging our heads against a brick wall in our love search, to the point where we really start to believe that we’re going to end up lonely old ladies with cats for company.

When I work on a one-to-one basis with clients, I use a systematic approach; as you and I are not face to face, I’ll adapt the way I work so that you too can benefit.

This book is also unique in two further ways, both of which are extremely relevant to mid-lifers.

I also include a section on practising relationship mindfulness. Far from being the latest wishy-washy New Age fad, it’s a scientifically-proven mechanism for fostering inner growth.

Mindfulness is powerful, yet simple – a transformative tool in our emotional and spiritual bag of tricks.

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We’re human and we make mistakes, and as we age it can feel petrifying even to contemplate re-entering the relationship jungle. After a considerable amount of research, I realised that there’s a dearth of mature dating self-help books for women.