Single mom with kids and dating humberside dating

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"Sitting at home with only your child for company isn't going to help," Klungness says.

You may benefit from a new-moms group; search the Internet for ones in your neighborhood, or look for bulletins in local stores.

When my daughter, Mae, was 7 months old, her father and I split up.

You may grow distant from some friends while drawing closer to others.

"And she was right."There are single moms who get reliable, substantial child-support payments from the baby's father.

But if reading that sentence makes you laugh ruefully, you're probably one of the majority of women who have become the breadwinner."My son counts on me and only me," Zola says.

"Surround yourself whenever possible with emotionally generous and secure people who boost your confidence," Klungness says.

How to keep your head high if people are judgmental?

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But she had taken a computer course when she was pregnant, and even though her preterm labor prevented her from finishing it, she parlayed her new skills into a contracting job with Intel.

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