Self liquidating offer

Posted by / 10-Nov-2017 00:52

I learned the ‘secret' at that time about creating a custom capture page.Everyone else was promoting the page given to them by the company and they all looked the same and eventually people became “blind” to these pages because they'd seen it over and over.You try in vain to get your list to interact with you, but it's like they went dormant…you can SEE them in there, but they just aren't “alive”.Maybe they're struggling to attract the right kind of people to their business and they need help getting leads.Perhaps they have a blog and need help on how to structure a winning blog post.

I actually care about what I sell someone and I would NEVER sell something without actually owning it myself and KNOWING it had high value and was worth the money.In fact a lot of people will actually use a fake email address just to get past the optin page to see what the offer is.People are still leading with their primary business opportunity, spending hard earned money to buy quality traffic, getting those clicks to their custom lead capture page, getting the optin but rarely generating any new sales.Just as everyone became used to seeing company marketing systems, people are now used to seeing custom capture pages.There's a good chance they've opted into hundreds of them.

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You haven't learned how to “monetize” that traffic, to make money whether someone joins your primary business or not.