Radio free africa tanzania online dating

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Radio free africa tanzania online dating

A PAMS Foundation statement said: ‘He had over two decades of experience in conservation and can be credited as the driving force behind ending the unscrupulous slaughter of Tanzania’s elephants‘Wayne devoted his life to Africa’s wildlife from working as a ranger in his native South Africa as a young man to leading the charge against poaching in Tanzania.‘He cared deeply about the people and animals that populate this world.‘Wayne’s charm, brilliance and eccentric sense of humour gave him the unique ability to make those around him constantly laugh and smile.‘He died bravely fighting for the cause he was most passionate about” he said.

Wayne’s wife Inge, a beekeeper, posted a picture of them together on her Facebook page with the message: ‘Forever in my heart.

I will always love you and treasure the years we had together.

Till we meet again, my Love….’They have two daughters Tamsin, who works for the wildlife charity Elephants Alive, and Cara Jayne who is a wildlife photographer.

Between 20 Tanzania lost 60 percent of its elephants reducing from 109,00 to 43,000 but the efforts of the NTSCIU thanks to Mr Lotter has seen the tide turn.

Lotter, Vice President of the International Ranger Federation, was respected worldwide for his conservation work and its’ community is shattered by his death.

A conservationist who was the scourge of elephant poachers has been shot dead in a suspected contract killing by ivory smugglers.

Various terms—including San, Bushmen and Basarwa—have been used to refer to them collectively.

Death threats began after arrest levels soared, thousands of weapons and vehicles were seized and king-pins of the operation were locked up.

UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall said yesterday: ‘Wayne’s anti-poaching efforts made a big difference in the fight to save Tanzania’s elephants for the illegal ivory trade.‘His courage in the face of stiff opposition and personal threats, his determination to keep on fighting, has inspired many and encouraged them also to keep fighting for wildlife.‘If this cowardly shooting was an attempt to bring the work of the PAMS Foundation to an end it will fail.

He involved local communities and proved the tourist economy could be massively boosted if the elephants and the wildlife were protected and won them over.

Mr Lotter said in a recent documentary on the NTSCIU called The Ivory Game that he believed its work had helped to reduce poaching rates in Tanzania by 50 per cent.

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