Problems updating avg edition

Posted by / 02-Jun-2017 14:23

Problems updating avg edition

After the computer reboots, the tool will complete the uninstallation and from that moment on you can reinstall the antivirus.

To completely uninstall AVG from your computer, you need a version of AVG Remover Tool for your operating system. Install the software following the instructions displayed.If none of these methods helped you, we recommend you contact the Support department of the company, or spring for the .99 AVG service that will install and configure the antivirus for you.If you are not happy with it, you can request your money back within 30 days.This error indicates that there is a problem in the installation file of AVG.This can be solved by reinstalling the antivirus with the method specified above.

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Uninstall Guide: If this error occurs after re-installing antivirus (using the method from above), you should contact the Support department because this error is very general and AVG experts must analyze your situation in detail.