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When the Royalist cause in the Civil War was waning, Colonel John Birch based himself at Walford Court to deal with one of its few remaining strong-holds in Herefordshire. He granted all the rights of the ferry to the lucky boatman and his successors, and for many years, there was a small derelict cottage below the castle which may have belonged to the ferry people.

The subsequent main siege of Goodrich Castle lasted for six weeks.Birch shot 19 of the 22 shells from an enormous mortar with his own hand.So well directed were Roaring Meg’s 190lb missiles that every room in the castle was damaged, and much of the interior beaten to the ground.STUDY (14'8" x 10'8") with original fireplace and shutters.SNUG (14'x12'9") dual aspect sash windows, wood burner KITCHEN/BREAKFAST ROOM (18'3"x15') dual aspect windows, built in appliances, hand built kitchen units, plentiful storage, Rayburn, flagstone floor.

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On the Walford side the boys then crossed a meadow to join the road at our walk point no. By this means they reduced their walking or cycling distance to just over a mile in a manner which might, however, attract the Health and Safety adherents of today! Go through the white gates and TL along the road (for Old Pine), between Walford Court and The Vicarage. (The left turn led to and from the rope bridge across the Wye to Goodrich Court). 55m beyond the larger lodge leading to Hill Court (private drive), TR through the gate up the f/path along the L edge/ hedge of the field.