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But you need not wait until then to visit the vast, thriving world…Next week is the 69th annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.Here’s your opportunity: my publisher just let me know that my 2015 book “The Colson Way” is on sale for a very limited time for 99 cents. (The book is so inexpensive, I feel like I’m doing something wrong in telling you about it.) It was a joy to write this book, which is equal parts an accessible biography of Chuck Colson…I came of theological age in the “young, restless, Reformed” heyday.It thus troubled me greatly to read Peterson saying homosexuality is “not a right or wrong thing as far as I’m concerned.” Here is the full quote: I wouldn’t have said this 20 years ago, but now I know a lot of people who are gay and lesbian and they seem to have as good a spiritual life as I do.I think that kind of debate about lesbians and gays might be over.(See the session information below.) The ontology of Scripture, I will…Another week, another shockingly low price on a book I’ve written.

His take on pastoral ministry, with a focus on the theological nature of the work and a deep engagement with the beauty of spirituality, has marked me. Even as I have disagreed with some of Peterson’s views, I have continued to read him.Those who brazenly sin against God are those who must face church discipline and be warned that they are in danger of nothing less than eternal judgment (1 Cor. Such people are to be “handed over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh” (1 Cor. Are there any more frightening words in the Bible than these? But we must know this: division is not caused by the truth. Nothing is more loving, therefore, than to rescue those who are pulled away by unbiblical teaching.Let us therefore preach the bloody cross of Christ and call for immediate repentance.It seems he would not, for he notes that he would serve as the pastor of a gay couple.This is no glancing matter; it is actually a serious problem.

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The landmark Edwards Encyclopedia just launched, Nathan Finn and Jeremy Kimble have a great book out soon, and other projects abound.