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Another minus is the age gap between them which I find is very cringy.

Used to watch this when it's broadcasting in 2012 but stopped after seeing younger yoochun left her ? But I'm so worry after seeing all the comment saying how pitiful is Harry...

All he wanted was one friend, one person he would trust and rely on, who loved him and will never abandon him.

And Zoe could have been that person if she wasn't too busy crying!!! This goes to show that we shouldn't judge too harshly some of the people who are in prisons.

I would say this drama would be included in my "bad drama list" lol.

For all the bad news I read about Yoo Chun, I still give him credit for acting in this drama. Yoo Seung Ho is younger but he effectively played his role, even gaining my sympathy as his character was shown through every episode. Well, not all can be lucky in love because three is always a crowd. I finished watching this drama yesterday and i'm still just coming to terms with the way it all ended for Harry.That's why I like to bring them the Good News of Jesus and I love to watch the tranformation that happen in their heart as they begin to let His wonderful Love flood in. If I were that girl I would never leave Harry Borrison and I would hate Han jung woo for the rest of my life for his cowardly actions. Vic Jan 11 2014 am SPOILER ALERT*** I watched this drama because I'm a huge Yoon Eun Hye fan, but I absolutely hated this drama.The most heart-pinching ones are those who cry like babies for days, some for the first time ever in their entire life. Suicide should definitely not be an option but I would have loved if he had been extradited back to France, served in prison for a few years, be released on the basis of good character and then be offered the chance to start all over again with a different mindset: To love and hope to find love. I hope there will be a season 2 for this drama,,, wherein harry will try to take soo-yeon away from jungwoo again since he hasn't totally lost his memory,,, he's merely pretending to be insane so as not to end up in prison from the crimes he committed....... Harry is the real hero for me but his fate was too cruel. Honestly, I don't think the rapist got what he deserved. I will watch this drama over and over again This drama is one of my fav drama. Words cannot describe how much I despise the adult Han Jung-Woo! There was no excuse to leaving her and running away like he did.Seriously just watching for the sake of yoo seungho.Y didn't he get a better ending I'm at episode 14 and as much as i love the actors and especially the childhood story in it.. no matter how i look at it, cheating is cheating, betrayal is betrayal and Harry deserves more loyalty from her than that...

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Soo-Yeon (Yoon Eun-Hye) is now a rookie fashion designer who tries to have a bright personality, but still carries emotional scars inside of her. Being a villian but iam very impresived with Harry.

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