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As I went to get the agenda I ran into Timmy and he said to me, “I need to show you something.” He took me along to his office and shut the door. He told me he had never seen one or heard of its kind. I took some photos and later, when examining them, found that the bottled revealed the name of that bottling company from Convent. Out came the shovel as that just made me dig deeper.

I was feeling a little anxious as he dug through a bag and revealed it contents with excitement. I’ve found that the harder something is to discover the better the story it will reveal can be enjoyed.

Originally located in Convent, the building was moved to land donated by Kaiser Aluminum.

The Welcome Center is the official point to meet and greet visitors to our scenic, historic parish.

But steamboat passengers traveling on the nearby Mississippi River had a different view of the property.

The house was donated by the Sardegna family to Saint James Parish in 1999.

“Convent”, my young nephew asked, “did the nuns from church make it, uncle”? I didn’t have my glasses with me so I just smiled politely at the bottle and back at Timmy and so he continued.

I said well I don’t think so because it was not Holy Water but Sweet Water. The idea for this story came to me when I went to a Saint James Parish Council Meeting. Timmy told me that he got it from the Tourist Center. He told me that he had just learned that the bottle had come from a Soda Pop Bottling Plant that had operated in Convent. I carried my photos around but no one I showed them to had any information about a bottling plant in Convent.

The photographs show bottles, which, along with the crate are rare collectables.

Some have been donated by the Carroll Poche family and from various families in and about Saint James Parish.

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Welcome Center Prepares With Flair From Gramercy, Louisiana – Parish residents and businesses are ready to welcome waves of tourists setting out to explore the wonders of the famed Plantation Loop.

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  1. Admittedly, their location, adjacent to the entrance to the Tivoli, can't have done their business any harm. It's a modern, low building which is very light inside from all the glass walls.