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I was sitting here tearing at my hair and going SOMEONE TALK TO HER LIKE HELEN KELLER!

It takes people so long to think of alternative communication methods, and that's just shameful.

Nothing on Alan, he was a traumatized loved one and *still* thought of it first! It goes to show that the love of family and friends can get you through anything, even when it seems bleak. To come back from something like that is remarkable. I heard "Finding Emilie" earlier this week and was, of course, moved again by the story.

(Obviously a keeper.) But really, emotionally uninvolved people who went to school for this didn't give that a try? I heard Tom Chapin's song "The Ragtime Dance" (URL q="tom chapin" "ragtime dance") for the first time today and thought your listeners might appreciate it. I have had the intention in the classes I taught today of going with the flow like salmon in a river that dam themselves there pretending to be beavers until they hear that the river is endless and flows with unimaginable abundance to the ocean and their full salmonhood.

With so many negative influences on children in modern society, it would be great if Radio Lab could work harder at being a positive influence. Thank you for sharing and making it possible for us all to have hope and to try with our deepest knowing that there's always one more thing to try when we have almost given up hope.

Alan and Emilie, you have a story of true love, of looking for someone until you find them without caring for the cost.The little hospital had little means for any tests, and they told my grandfather that she was brain dead, and he had to make a choice.10 days I stayed looking from outside through the glass to her room, and upon one visit they allowed for short times, I was standing looking down at the pump lifting her lungs, taking in the smells, and the color of her skin, and she lifted her right arm.Beautiful memories to a mother I loved and lost drastically when I was 18. My grandmother raised me, and it was the Fall of 1981 when I got a call at 3am in the morning that she had had a heart attack and was in the hospital. She woke that night unable to breath, my grandfather rubber her back and called for an ambulance which was far away at the other end of the parish.It is Easter today, and I had lunch with my son who was born in 1988, nearly the same age as Emilie. He called her best friend across the street to help load her in the car so he could drive her to the little hospital.

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Together, Susan and Alan tell Jad and Robert about the devastating fork in the road that left Emilie lost in a netherworld, and how Alan found her again.