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" And agaialie says, you liuve happily broken the yoke of tor.e cn oppcesaion ; but Uie yoke remain of Eng-li«h Eitlletiides, exalted into judge " the commonlaw, that ti SMi.e of impostures to which you Millvie|d i oar neck* to b-' pinched *u¿ galled, underthe. for whom,whilet lie v are comiorted, all other* are tormented. No, sir, they tell me yon stepped around wita clean shirt on, and some even thought they fiaa standing collar, but dido't know but whatgenerally, ix known. Ofdiuar V, reyaccit Jiiiion hou E, by phy-i-cians in difieren! e« i«ic op*port Ua Hjies peruliatlv f.itorablc for tlietr yr n-i on ;nll of «liteh ubtrollptú full.i bear o-.u Jen-net's first estimate of its value—lout when thesystem |m% been placej fullv under lhe influence otthe. is éó«pi|ete'y prolerted in thegreater ntinporting a sueeeasroo of deaf and dumbmatter irorn a country ot slayfs, what is this buttreason against youi tree constitution! Two years afterward he pub-lished tbe result of his investigations. In 1796,he made succeaafulxperifaents With th«matter obtained from the cow, and found thai thosewhom he had infectad with it, were insusceptibleto the small pox.

en At Douglass, Shre eport, Ecore and ¿Naicbiiocber, S|f JBn6Íp. |q |r C „eb( espo9HTM ftmn pot contagié, «, 1 he morning i wssthere I sjiw several come Fnltón té-, Ne ,v York- It contuius ah extensive. Idoihtiik tbere is nothing tnure un-i, „ .i, nltanly this modern wayi of swaddling up theiirik which should be in the library of eve-rt Oiao iu the couunuurtv.

This newspaper is part of the collection entitled: Texas Digital Newspaper Program and was provided to The Portal to Texas History by the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History.

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Agfcuta lor the Herald.hrsiro Coou, Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches co iun& llening. New Y.*k Travfllfr-*sn excellent advertising : u"'litle,! genera Hy,tb« fourth nwnfb a^itírré salh'ild'*r-- lb" p'ivile^ . -r t e«n lo u ih: opera-we k H-M l.a'.e five nn'iic.r ■-« of -•! eit.¡iloyed in |he e«t ib-i Mlflic Si-bnolsi the.improvement, ol theitiiere vmmuiiie ii..n ar.d trarnpoitali-in,siat ion ot the bi.rihens of i nation,the n.i Kt ii|.p«old-, t* t-l p ibllt-rkon llie C rud"'people Mipiieaf'l.f ! «boiild bp im-: r-.v-d to the ev eni io which it misc;'[ I h e, v 1illd be. Tho most j rltanctel of inti'i Ciiiliihiinicajl UUI L nder tlie 'r¡e«lyof our ¡ i v« UHI-.

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