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At this tiny cafeteria wedged in between artsy Wynwood and high-rising Midtown, you'll get ham, roast pork, Swiss, mustard, and mayo on fresh-baked and pressed Cuban bread.

And while there's always debate about the best Cuban sandwich in Miami, this is the best one you'll find.

From him: “Steve only serves 'new' shell because the meat is sweeter and more tender, and he has his own lobstermen he uses to supply him so he knows exactly what he’s getting.

He keeps them in seawater, instead of cold water -- because he sells so many so quickly he doesn’t have to worry about them eating each other -- then boils them in salt water, shucks them fresh, and cools them on ice. We'll happily line up for a Baltimore pit beef on a Kaiser roll any day of the week, but when in a port state, nothing tastes sweeter than the local catch.

Pepe's has been running this scene since the '20s, ferrying exquisitely charred crusts from coal-fired ovens into the clamoring mouths of a cultish following whose members rarely, if ever, overlap with close competitor Sally's. It's essentially the parts of the pig no one wants to eat.And while the state does amazing things with other foodstuffs, the humble fry is forever associated with Idaho. Deep dish and dogs are generally the first foodstuffs sought by tourists. Hog farming is serious business in Iowa, and so are breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches, one of the meaty fruits (sure, why not) of said farming. But when it comes to the Hot Brown -- Kentucky's legendary open-face turkey, bacon, and Mornay sauce masterpiece -- the original at the Brown Hotel remains the best.Yes, still get that bison burger, but go in with the expectation that it might actually take a backseat to the spuds, which you can customize by potato type (sweet, purple, gold) and cut (regular, shoestring, homestyle, balls, and waffle are among the shapes), then pick seasonings and sauces that range from blueberry ketchup to roasted garlic. Downstate, you'll find heart-stopping horseshoes and some celebrated BBQ. Will it be sweet (grilled green and/or red bells) or hot (giardiniera, a glorious relish of spicy pickled vegetables that varies from place to place)? Elmo's is a memorable experience, and some Hoosiers are certain to be angry about Iowa getting the nod on pork tenderloin sandwiches (and to be sure, they have many a fine rendition as well), but there's something sweetly soul-satisfying about a sugar cream pie (does anyone dislike ANY of those words? Wick's has built an empire on these custardy delights (it'll ship all over), but like so many things, they're another experience altogether tasted fresh from the source. You can't go wrong with the version at Breitbach's (now on its sixth generation of owners dating back to the 1850s), though you might be violating doctor's orders to restrict your pork intake. Yes, burnt ends are the Kansas City signature, and Joe's has some of the best around (on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, at least). With respect to the Colonel and Billy Ray Cyrus, it’s the tastiest icon Kentucky has birthed.And no one in Hawaii has made them longer and better than Leonard’s, especially if you opt for the traditional sugar-covered, or feel like getting a little chubbier with the custard-style.When we named Boise Fry Company’s original bison burger best in the state, we kind of knew the answer to Idaho’s best fries as well.

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For some dishes you want to go with the original that started it all, and other times a new-school innovator has taken things to a savory extreme that's just way more delicious.

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