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Essex fluid controls website

Contrast ratio is quoted as the usual 1000:1 static and the response time is given as 7ms which is fairly conservative but confirms the presence of grey to grey acceleration.

The price is set at a level which reflects the overall brand reputation of Dell and the panel quality but also the lower resolution of the monitor.

The monitor comes with a VGA cable and the power adaptor but doesn’t include an HDMI cable.

You’ll need to use your own to make use of this digital input.

It is worth taking a quick look at the ‘features and aesthetics’ section of our S2440L which illustrates how the glass surface behaves in various lighting conditions when displaying both dark and lighter content.

The surface and entire front face of the S2740L is identical to this but larger – the effect is the same.

This consists of 4 touch sensitive areas (marked by faint grey dots), a power button and LED as shown in the following image.

When the monitor is switched on the power LED glows an icy white – certainly less blue than it appears in the image. The side profile is fairly slender, particularly near the edges where the screen is 19mm thick.

No USB 3.0 ports, Display Port or additional HDMI ports but a reasonable selection nonetheless.

The basic specifications reveal the use of a 27” LED-backlit AH-IPS panel with a ‘Full HD’ (1920 x 1080) resolution.

This provides enhances viewing angles of 178 degrees horizontally and vertically whilst supporting 6-bits per colour channel natively with additional AFRC (Advanced Frame Rate Control) temporal dithering to make up to 8-bits.

Strong light streaming in from the sides can still be an issue, however.

The image below shows the monitor displaying some light content under bright and clear autumn daylight conditions.

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