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The word “pickle” comes from the Dutch , meaning “salt” or “brine,” two very important components in the pickling process.

Throughout history pickling was a necessity, as it was the best way to preserve food for a long period of time.

Eventually, pickling became a profitable business within the Jewish community.

Today, a plate of pickles is usually served complimentary with a meal at the best Jewish delis.

When the English arrived in the New World, they brought their method for creating sweet pickles with vinegar, sugar and spiced syrup.Tori’s food writing and photography have appeared on the websites of CNN, Bon Appetit, Zabar’s, Williams-Sonoma, Yahoo Shine, LA Weekly and The Huffington Post.Follow Tori on Facebook: Tori Avey, Twitter: @toriavey, or Google .Tori Avey is a food writer, recipe developer, and the creator of Tori She explores the story behind the food – why we eat what we eat, how the foods of different cultures have evolved, and how yesterday’s food can inspire us in the kitchen today.

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As one of the earliest mobile foods, pickles filled the stomachs of hungry sailors and travelers, while also providing families with a source of food during the cold winter months.

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