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Dating sites wealthy people

One of the lesser known of these sites is Miss Travel, which, as the name implies, matches girls with rich dudes around the world, with whom they go on luxurious vacations, and hook up.

To reiterate, Miss Travel is a "dating" service that matches young girls who like money with wealthy dudes who like girls with little or no self-respect, and they go on vacation together and have sex. One of the site’s users is 24-year old Heidy Pandora, who says she’s been using the site for three years, and has been to over 20 countries with random rich dudes.

And of course, there are dating sites for sugar babies, a.k.a.

young-ish girls looking for rich, crusty old men (sugar daddies) who will splash out serious cash to buy them really expensive things they don't need.

Hence the success of television shows like Bravo's "The Millionaire Matchmaker," where wealthy singles are shown rooms full of eligible, attractive, TV-ready prospects. We've already discussed the Top 10 Cities for Single Women and the Top 10 Cities for Single Men, but if you're looking to meet someone with the same financial and career aims (or just a sugar daddy or sugar mama)?

CNN Money says these cities are the best places to live if you're rich and single.

There's the awkward silence when you find the young wealthy jetsetter you met online is anything but, the blind dates with all the "nice young men" your mom knows, and the realization that you may be better off with a DVR and a couple of cats than you would be with any one of the people you've gone out with recently.

I want the shower of gifts and attention and love and of course the goodies.

Now that we have moved from the conventional dating methods to online dating, it is easier for people like me to find someone who is wealthy and is looking for an ordinary individual to date.

You just need to scan and find the right match for yourself.

· Be quick in responding Time is money and especially for these wealthy people it is all about how quick and responsive you are.

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Dating can be especially hard for those professionals who work long hours to make big money and move up the career ladder.

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