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The rest of the range includes a ship, a house, a recycling truck and a police car. Petilou My Stacking Garden: , Amazon Petilou is one of the ranges offered by Le Toy Van, who make attractive wooden toys, the kind that make parents feel they are doing a good job just by owning them.

In theory this toy creates a tree, a toadstool and a flower, each topped with an animal, but this interchangeable stacking toy means that the child can create their wooden garden differently each time – toad-flower or tree-stool anyone?

We like this Funfair set – it’s not cheap but contains three rides (carousel, rocket and pirate ride), three vehicles (ice cream cart, train and fun bus) and seven characters (including very un-scary clowns), so in theory there is plenty here to play with other children too, though we can’t guarantee they won’t all want the same character on the same carousel horse at the same time. Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack: .15, Amazon We may live in an era of aeroplanes, space rockets and buses that bend in the middle, but it’s still train sets that capture children’s imaginations more than anything.

The hardwearing pages, simple illustrations, repetition and lovely touchy-feely elements to each page make them ideal for reading with your child, or leaving them to it for a few minutes.The twos might be terrible in behavioural terms but rapidly developing speech and physical ability, and the beginnings of imaginative play, mean that this is an age at which gifts can start to get a bit more varied.The ones we have chosen below represent a range of budgets, and offer options for hyperactive tearaways as well as quieter role-players.The range has a variety of well-known character mats – including Minnie Mouse, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Thomas – as well as non-character versions. Noah’s Ark Play Set: , Jo Jo Maman Bebe The Noah’s Ark story has something for everyone, no matter how religious you may or may not be. This wooden version has stylish animals chunky enough for a young child to play with, and there are holes on the ark through which they can see the animals inside.This Thomas Aquadoodle has an actual Thomas train you dip in water and use to draw tracks on the mat. This is the kind of present that grows with the child, as they can use the pieces for storytelling and imaginative play after the appeal of putting the animals in the boats and taking them out again wears off. That’s not my dragon…: , Amazon The That’s not my…

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This set includes plenty of basic bricks plus opening windows, a boy, a dog, flowers and a wheeled base for a vehicle.

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