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Dating flirtbox com

The service started as a Fjord concept when Nokia enlisted the company to propose five ideas for mobile, one of which became Flirtomatic."When we described dating on the mobile and what it’d feel like, we talked about messaging, fun, humor, a light touch," Curtis said to We Love uk.

Flirtomatic is available to mobile users in Britain, Germany, Australia, Spain, Italy and the United States.

Flirtomatic’s proprietary multimedia interaction platform was designed to provide a consumer entertainment proposition that stood between the popular social networking and online dating services.

The company’s emphasis on flirting has differentiated it from more traditional online dating sites geared toward matching users with one another.

"Some bright spark piped up and said, ‘We’re describing flirting’ to which the rest of us thought, ‘Wow! How could we create an application that could make flirting as easy, fun and good as it possibly can be for mobile?

’ " Fjord took a lead role in securing funding to build and launch Flirtomatic, which is now independently run.

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Flirtomatic had not managed to generate a revenue stream that made the business model independent from venture capital.

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