Dating a metrosexual man

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Dating a metrosexual man

A metrosexual man may make you feel that way – especially when he's criticizing your choice of shoe.

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“What women say they think about metrosexuality and how they respond to it can be two very different things. It's hardly surprising that advertising that there's a male market to be milked too. However, Simpson believes the metro movement is driven by men themselves, not marketing.

And he believes it has heralded a shift towards a new sense of male autonomy and empowerment, “Men are not only more sensual creatures nowadays," he says, "but also more independent.

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But for many men, their furry face furniture is a year-round must-have accessory.

Read on for some of the major pros and cons of dating a metrosexual guy. And, as a bonus, a metrosexual guy probably won't spend the whole afternoon whining and tapping his foot impatiently when you go shopping together at the mall – because he'll be shopping, too. If you're not perfect yourself, dating a perfect metrosexual man requires a healthy dose of good self esteem.

Most women are used to attracting more attention for their looks than their man does – in essence, we're used to being the pretty one.

He coined the term "metrosexual" and has studied the development of his "Frankenstein's monster with flawless skin" ever since, right up to the Jersey Shore incarnation of eyebrow-plucking carb-dodgers.

Where will the evolution of metrosexuality leave women like me?

Simpson assures me that this new metro phase is nothing for women to be worried about, rather “It represents a global revolution in masculinity which has profound significance. To themselves.” So womankind can sigh with relief that it's just about self-actualisatian and empowerment?

No doubt many men are tired of women like me who lust over buffed boys, but complain if they take longer than five minutes to get dressed for dinner.

“I think most men have noticed this, er, discrepancy,” Simpson reasons. Indeed, women are constantly reminded that our eyelashes are never quite long enough, our legs aren't smooth enough, our hair is not sleek enough.

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Metrosexual is one of those funny new words that you probably feel rather silly saying aloud.

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