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Posted by / 19-Dec-2017 20:25

I am currenlty more picky as I am looking for the right cub to have a fun, shorterm relationship.I think that saying the site uses fake people isn't right, because there are alot of real woman and men on there looking for friendships, dating relationships, and fun times.I have a friend who had a successful hookup from a contact on this site.

this is sending a message that we are more than just one-night stands or an experiment, but mature, sophisticated women who deserve respect. For example, I dont like crude or lude remarks, but I do enjoy flirting and innuendo.Many of the "cubs" on talk about their interests but doing activities together never materializes.To an extent, the cougar, who has the advantage because she is wanted, can shape the dynamics.First of all let me just say that I have no problem meeting women either online or in person.I have been on and met a ton of people and never had a complaint about it. It's a shame that others had bad experiences from this site.

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After opening up the messages, ALL the people who sent me messages had no narratives on their profiles. They might have real cougars on there, but I did not encounter any. Problem is I'm picky and looking for a few dates w. Met a great one the other day, but the match wasn't quite right. This response is to new cougar, and I hope you will see it. I am a 34 year old male going through a divorce because my wife who is also 34 still thinks she is a cheerleader in highschool.